AL-KHABIR new york city / usa vocals & lyrics
CUEING linz / austria music & scratches
KEOPS vienna / austria music & production



The underground HipHop trio formed in late 2016, when Al-Khabir – who moved to Vienna shortly before – entered a band contest with his former project … the crowd was simply amazed! …and so was DJ “Cueing”, who has started doing music with producer “Keops” and was looking out for a RAP artist to join the group. “We met up and instantly our first track like ‘popped’ into existence: GODZILLA! It all felt right and we started meeting regularily…”

Their music is dark, grumbling hip hop beats with razor-sharp sliced vocal phrases by a lyrical genius: “It´s all about feeling! …all I do is open my mouth and let the words come to surface – I don´t have to think about whats next… ”
On the first E.P. (SELF TITLED / 2017) tracks were developed from jam-sessions in the studio: “…that was great fun and we were impressed by each others output…” The second E.P. (KING TO A GOD / 2019) tells tales with more current topics than ever – being it violence on the streets, modern slavery or the thoughts of a gunman…

The Lyrics are dark as well – serious thinking about our state of mind and everyday life in the present, whats wrong with scociety, troubles of the average man struggeling for a better life.

‘Izza Nami’ means ‘she who invites’, and is a Goddess in japanese mythology of both creation and death.
And like that their powerful beats invite you on a journey into dark domains – destroying superficial thoughts – guiding into nowness like no other…



AL-KHABIR – ( al-khabir richman ) – the lyricist
Born in Harlem, Al-Khabir and everyone he grew up with, uncles, shop keepers, policemen and almost everyone else: rhymes. “It was simply the most natural thing to do at the time!” – no wonder he also thinks in rhymes – almost all the time – even at the dentists.

“In high school I got interested in visual arts and started making money taking pictures…”, so he went to art high school, later graduated from College in photography (FIT/New York City) and finally started his own postproduction studio for creative directors and photographers in 2010.

Early engagement in rap music (‘Blue Discourse’ – Album: ‘See life’ / 1999) didn´t turn out succesfully and living in the concrete jungle got increasingly complicated which led him astray from actively doing music for some time: “Becoming an MC wasn´t my ambition in the first place – just a means for self-actualization…”

Things changed though when arriving in Europe: Unhesitatingly he entered open jam sessions all over Vienna, getting to know musicians and producers of all kind and musical genres, collaborating with and forming several groups, which he played with at FM4 frequency festival (‘Puerco Rico’/2016) and many clubs in Vienna like Replugged, AU, Schwarzberg, Loop, etc.

“I come from a very dark place…” Al remembers, “but actually I turned out like … normal – so you should really listen to what I have to say! It may relate to you!”

Influences: James Brown, Wutang Clan – Ghostface, Chuck D – Public Enemy, Radiohead, Bjork.

CUEING – ( markus peternel ) – the scratch phenomenon
…was into hip hop music from early on. “When I first heard DJ Babu, DJ Qbert and Funk Master Flex I felt I have to get a turntable and do this on my own… So I did – and after first steps I soon found the infamous guys I worked with for a long time: ‘Die Rapublik’ (Austria/Carinthia)”
Being the only capable scratch DJ around at the time he also joined several band projects like ‘Funky Manuva’ (Richard Klammer), ‘Wit The Movement’ (Rock), ‘Artists in Revolt’ (support act for ‘Dälek’ / Arena Wien), ‘Frank Grimez Jr.’ (German Rap), …
Countless (1000+) DJ gigs followed in venues like Flex | Fluc | Grelle Forelle | Saag Fabrik (Austria), and many more… guest gigs in Hungary | Czech Republik | Slovakia.

Influences: Kool Keith, Dj Premier, Dj Vadim, Dälek, Hyper Dub.

KEOPS – ( klaus trippl ) – the instrumentalist
…started out as a musician and plays various instruments (guitar, machines of all kind, bass guitar, drums & percussion) all throughout his life. “I always felt that dark soundscapes are the way to go!”, Keops grins, “…can´t even imagine doing a happy sounding track!” Thus every band he played with had a kind of melancholic, dark feeling to it: ‘Desert Rain’ (grunge rock / guitars), ‘Cosmo Underdog’ (melodic rock / bass guitar), ‘Planetary Geartrain’ (post rock / drums), ‘Superior Wasteland (free audiovisual improvisation / drums & realtime multichannel audioanalysis)…
“I always was interested in technology too and combining that with music inevitably led me to audio engineering (live and studio) and music production – which I got into seriously a few years ago…”

Influences: DJ Krush, Deus, Nine Inch Nails, Scorn, Massive Attack.


– “IZZA NAMI / self titled” – EP1 / 2017 –

A snapshot of humanity now – evolution in Darwinian terms: from “Gorilla to Godizilla” – from animal to monster on a very large scale.

Enlightenment is the end of all you know. Enter the darkness so the bright light can open your eyes.

What everyone expects of an MC is what it takes to keep pushing the culture and don’t settle: “ryhme nigga ryhme”

A story of a strung-out addict going through a full day of getting high.


– “KING TO A GOD” – EP2 / 2019 –

The craft of writing from the inside out and how dark it gets before there’s a chance to break through.

How living in the city can break you down and what it takes to live in such a place.

This is my birth year. This is where i came from.

Do you allow your desires to ensalve your intentions? Defy your perceptions!

About taking responsibility and not allowing yourself to settle for less during the process.


IZZA NAMI appears to be a suitable SUPPORT ACT available for US/UK Rap and HipHop shows in Austria – fully capable of engaging in any kind of live session (rap & turntablism)