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AL-KHABIR ( al-khabir richman ) nyc.brooklyn / usa Vocals & Lyrics
CUEING ( markus peternel ) carinthia / austria Music & Scratches
KEOPS ( klaus trippl ) styria / austria Music & Production


meaning “she who invites”, is a goddess in japanese mythology of both creation and death.
and like that their powerful beats invite you on a journey into dark domains – destroying superficial thoughts – guiding the mind into nowness like no other…


AL-KHABIR – the all aware
Born a black boy in Brooklyn, little Al-Khabir and his brothers, the kids in the hood, schoolmates, uncles, policemen and almost everyone else: rhymes. It was simply the most normal thing to do – so no wonder he also thinks in rhymes – almost all the time – even at the dentists.
“I come from a very dark place…” Al remembers, “…but actually I turned out like … normal – so you should really listen to what I say in our music! It will probably relate to you…”

CUEING – the scratch phenomenon
was into hip hop music from early on…
started turntableism at the age of _XXXX_ after hearing _XXXX_

KEOPS – the instrumentalist
started out as a musician and plays various instruments all troughout his life.
always felt dark soundscapes are the way to go
got into serious producing some years ago

The underground HipHop trio formed in late 2016, when “Al” – who moved to Vienna shortly before – entered a band contest with his former project … and the crowd was amazed!
…so was DJ “Cueing”, who has started doing music with producer “Keops” and was looking out for a RAP artist to join the group.

Never before there has been a serious authentic US rap formation based in Vienna…

Their music is down tempo, dark, grumbling Hip Hop beats with razor-sharp sliced vocal phrases by a lyrical genius…
“On our first E.P. (self titled / 2017) we developed tracks from jam-sessions we did in the studio – that was great fun…”
“The second E.P. “KING TO A GOD” (2018) tells tales with more current topics than ever – being it slavery, violence on the streets or the thoughts of a gunman…”

The Lyrics are dark as well – serious rap story telling about everyday life in the present…
…whats wrong with scociety, troubles of the average man struggeling for a better life, …

Al´s authentic, great sounding voice reminds us of great old school rappers like…


– “GODZILLA” – EP1 / 2017 –

snapshot of humanity now – describing evolution in Darwinian terms…
from Gorilla to Godizilla. meaning from animal to monster on a very large scale.

enlightenment is the end of all you know. once you enter the bright light you are finished.
enter the darkness so the bright light can open your eyes.

what everyone expects of an MC. what it takes to keep pushing the culture and don’t settle.
“ryhme nigga ryhme”

description of a strung-out addict going through a full day of getting high.


– “KING TO A GOD” – EP2 / 2018 –
(jokingly referred to as “An album from a n*gga who ain’t got alotta fans yet”)






No live show yet, but proven live capability through 20+ years of expierience / countless gigs with former projects.

IZZA NAMI appears to be the only suitable SUPPORT ACT available for US and UK rap/HipHop shows in Austria.
totally capable of engaging in any kind of live session (rap and scratching/turntablesim)